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[CB] Modernized Hanbok set (Scarlet)
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[CB] Modernized Hanbok set (Scarlet)

[Included Item]

Jeogori(upper garment of Korean traditional clothes)
Korean traditional skirt
Norigae(Korean traditional ornaments worn by women)
(Three items in One set)
(Dolls and props in this picture are not included in this set.)

[Item description]
* This Modernized Hanbok set is made for Chuseok's dress. (Modernized Hanbok is not exactly same with traditional Hanbok.)
* We use flowery petterned fabric for its Jeogori.
* For wearing skirt, pass through the inside string to the hole of the waist band and pull it out. Tie a knot with other string.
* If the skirt is so big that it's nearly falling off, please wear sleeveless shirt or t-shirt inside.
* In case of Norigae, please hang it n waist string before tie a knot.
*Based on characteristic of Fabric, color bleeding rarely occured. But due to Urethan&sillicon's characteristic, color bleeding CAN be occurred.

It is made to fit Bambicrony's Ciao Bella & YoSD

Model: Basic MARION

※ Doll,wig, shoes, props are NOT INCLUDED.
※ The color of outfit may look different from the actual product according to your monitor.
※  It takes about 10days to produce the outfit.


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Company Reaistration Number :602-22-04691