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[CB] Chiffon baby one-piece (2color)
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 Selling Price 40.00
 Manufacturer Nine9 Style
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Chiffon baby one-piece (skyblue/pink)

[Included Item]

Chiffon one-piece, wire hairband (2 items 1 set)

(Dolls, small items are used only for photo. Not included.)


Chiffon one-piece, wire hairband : Pieces of this set is not going to be sold separately.

* Easy to undress because click button is on it's back side. wear/undress will be much easier

if customer remove head lid before wear/undress clothes.

* Although this is cloth for top, it's much easier to wear if customer wear this clothes from bottom to one-piece.

* Based on characteristic of Fabric, stain on doll rarely occured.

  But due to Urethan&sillicon's characteristic, stain on doll CAN be occurred.

  Especially, in case of jean fabric or dark colored fabric, color staining can be occur more often.

  Please dont store dolls with its cloth on.

* Basically, fabrics which used in our shop is not easily color stained one, based on its characteristic.

  Also, we have a step to prevent color staining for some of our clothes, like jean when we manufacture clothes.

* But despite of this effort, some of our dark colored clothes or jean fabric clothes can stained dolls based on its own characteristic.

* Especially, color stain is occur more often in humid summer.

* Also, based on Urethan or silicon(the material of doll)s characteristic, they absorve dye.

* Their will be a possibility of staining dolls skin, so please undress doll when you want to store dolls.

Our clothes are Made in South Korea.

It is made to fit Bambicrony's Ciao Bella & YoSD

Model: Melody, Harmony

※ Doll,wig, shoes, props are NOT INCLUDED.
※ The color of outfit may look different from the actual product according to your monitor.
※  It takes about 10days to produce the outfit.

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