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 Face up
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 Skin color
 Manufacturer Bambicrony
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ChouCream color is Ivory more than Normal color.


■ Basic Description 
 CB SISLY Basic , Default BOX, glass eyes14mm (random color),
 Product Certificates

■ Size of CIAO BELLA
  -Tall: 27cm
  -Eye: 14mm~16mm
  -head(wig): 6inch

  -Promotion dress: happy baby, huhu

MAKO EYES CAPb-012 14mm is used in promo image.

Customers can choose MAKO EYES(Urethane) option. (It will cost extra.)


※ Face up is NOT included.
※ The skin color in the image is NEW NORMAL skin.

※ The body type in the image is Ver.1 Baby Body. But Option Body is Ver.2 Body.

   If you want ver.1 Body, Please let me know!

※ Please make sure that you check the list of the basic items.
    We don't take claims about that.

 -Please post your question on the Q&A Board before placing an order.

■ Approx. Takes 30working days to ship after we receive the payment.
■ Skin color may slightly vary according to casting period.
■ Your order will automatically be canceled 
   if we do not receive your payment within 5 days of placing your order.
■ Item may be in a different color than pictured depends on screen resolution of your computer.

[CB] Baby Body

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